Statistics on recent changes

991911.9 k2.2 k39 kWikidata Query Service/User Manual/ja
551261.4 k1.3 k36 kMediaWiki 1.31/ru
617172916 kEdit Review Improvements/New filters for edit review/ko
12026204.5 k2.3 kREST API
41251482407.9 kTechnical Advice IRC Meeting
82420682.5 kWikiLove/Data/es
58331.3 k1.2 k10 kVisualEditor:Test
302312813020 kWikimedia Audiences
1713-13619 k67 kDevelopers/Maintainers
511354656016 kEdit Review Improvements/New filters for edit review/ru
5128668662.5 kFundraising tech/Failmail zoo
7221013865 kWikimedia Developer Summit/2018/Advancing the Contributor Experience
4124114113.8 kAndroid editing features
32221028 kWikimedia Language engineering
51136 k35 k35 kMediaWiki 1.32/wmf.13/Changelog
31110 k9.9 k9.9 kWikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20180716
169110020 kEdit Review Improvements/New filters for edit review
7113.8 k3.7 k3.7 kWikidata Query Service/User Manual/SPARQL Federation endpoints/af
11404040Wikimedia Technical Conference/2018/Particiapnts
8111 k10164.8 kPersonas for product development
1511-19119111 kPage Previews/API Specification
2211-272734 kWikibase/DataModel/JSON
1111161624 kParsing/Replacing Tidy/FAQ
2611-404039 kMediaWiki 1.31/ja
2111101107.8 kWikimedia Technical Conference/2018/FAQ
3111111.3 kMediaWiki 1.32/Roadmap
17114449 kSites using MediaWiki/ru
711121210 kReading/Web/Setting up a staging environment
911-113.5 kSites using MediaWiki/tr
11540540963 kGerrit/Reports/Changesets by project
1011-2217 kGrowth
1100238Gerrit/Reports/Changesets by status
1100515 kGerrit/Reports/Changesets by owner
29 k00MediaWiki
1.6 k00Download
1.2 k00Echo (Notifications)/Feature requirements
81800How to contribute
48600Wikimedia Apps/Synced Reading Lists
11600Sites using MediaWiki
10900Developer hub
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