Statistics on recent changes

8961224277.4 k31 kWikimedia Hackathon 2018/Program
26 k00MediaWiki
17561.6 k1.6 k2 kRequests for comment/Extension management feedback/Upgrading
1613 k13 k13 k2017 wikitext editor/ku
44711-353520 kReading/Web/PDF Functionality
21261.2 k1.1 k10 kMediaWiki 1.30/ja
2125-38496614 kAnnoying little bugs/de
37491.7 k1.7 k6.8 kRequests for comment/Extension management feedback/Installing
143525825811 kVisualEditor:Test
7114-1 k1.1 k14 kAnnoying little bugs/fr
11224.9 k4.8 k4.8 kWikimedia Technical Committee/MediaWiki Platform Architecture Principles/…
20241.2 k1.1 k3.8 kRequests for comment/Extension management feedback/Finding
6922887.4 kWikimedia Technical Committee/MediaWiki Platform Architecture Principles
10111-252532 kUniversal Language Selector/WebFonts
1111361618.8 kHow to contribute/fa
132206.3 k3.2 kORES/BWDS review
11161021026.8 kWikipedia.org updated page layout/fr
6613-1741746.1 kDownload/ar
918-518737 kPhabricator/Help/fr
1313621.3 k5.8 kWikimedia Technical Conference/2018
115414211 kDownload from Git/de
2151301304.6 kComparison of extensions in distributions/fr
1193936.9 kContent translation/th
2112.6 k2.5 k2.5 kSysadmin hub/hi
714311498.8 kUniversal Language Selector/fr
3113.3 k3.2 k3.2 k"Keep me logged in" extended to one year/ase
11494949Wikimedia Technical Conference
15220624 kSan Francisco Hackathon January 2012/Teams
3122312312.6 kGoogle Summer of Code/2018/Bi-weekly Reports
11426302.2 kBundled extensions and skins/fr
131121621617 kSites using MediaWiki/multilingual
91217017017 kGerrit/New repositories/Requests/Entries
1154543.1 kCitoid/itemTypes
4412-5493.7 kSelenium/Node.js/Write
7011669.6 kWikimedia Hackathon 2018/Venue and Barcelona
5136464946ResourceLoader/See also/fr
512-1591593.9 kWikidata Query Service/User Manual/SPARQL Federation endpoints
11111231237.1 kGoogle Summer of Code/2018
212-72725.6 kDo not hack MediaWiki core/fr
191110109 kPHP configuration
4211-2292299.2 kHow to contribute/be-tarask
101134434418 kDocumentation/Style guide
5123013018.4 kHackathons/Previous hackathons
171188882.6 kSelenium/Node.js
8112152158.7 kWikibase/Installation
11112112113 kContent translation/V2
1411-202030 kUpstream projects
311-2592595.3 kDiscourse/Help
8115353570Quality Assurance SIG
1911-2253 kWikibase/API
511-2020937Technical Debt SIG
1115454429Komodo Edit/fr
7300Sites using MediaWiki
11177113Category:MediaWiki Release Notes/fr
3112289Category:AdminLinks extensions/fr
21110024 kParsing/Replacing Tidy/FAQ
611-48481.5 kDesign Research Project Names
51136363.6 kGerrit/ar
1411-1110 kMeza/Commands
411262618 kPage Content Service/References
11200200200Category:MediaWiki configuration settings removed in version 1.31.0/en
111331331500 kGerrit/Reports/Changesets by owner
1100173 kGerrit/Reports/Open changesets by owner
1100238Gerrit/Reports/Changesets by status
21122950 kGerrit/Reports/Changesets by project
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