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February 2021

436382456 k8.9 kVisualEditor:Test
243319981.4 k6.4 kTechnical Decision Forum
514210 k20 k10 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/de
213916 k24 k16 kTalk pages project/he
1539111 k48 k24 kGerrit/New repositories/Requests/Entries
31209.6 k21 k9.4 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/zh
212411 k20 k11 kNew requirements for user signatures/sv
311712.7 k7.6 k20 kNew Developers/ru
310810 k19 k9.9 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/sv
49411 k19 k11 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/fr
29245 k52 k44 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image/tr
19616 k22 k15 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Frequently asked questions/ko
10148.2 k11 k10 kGoogle Summer of Code/2021
18724 k24 k23 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/te
1785.8 k14 k5.6 kWikipedia for KaiOS/FAQ/sv
17215 k19 k14 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Newcomer tasks/Experiment analysis, Novembe…
1727.2 k14 k7 kWikipedia for KaiOS/sv
270-1.5 k3.4 k12 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/ko
91133.3 k13 k8.4 kWikimedia Apps/Team/Android
16711 k15 k10 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/ro
3508.3 k8.7 k8.1 kGrowth/Newsletters/17/ru
34711 k12 k11 kGrowth/Newsletters/17/bn
2664.9 k5.8 k18 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/bn
36614325914 kWikimedia Product/fr
2652.4 k4.7 k20 kNew Developers/bn
16120 k26 k20 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features/Limiting content width/ko
34312.2 k3.6 k2.2 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/id
168-3.2 k3.1 k15 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Frequently asked questions/pt-br
722159578513 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help
24420 k22 k20 kWikimedia Product/bn
3501-70885010 kWikimedia Apps/Suggested edits/de
2486.9 k7.9 k6.7 kGrowth/Newsletters/17/ar
15214 k14 k13 kGrowth/Focus on help desk/Help panel/te
33616 k16 k15 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/el
2571.1 k2.9 k5.8 kNew Developers/Communication tips/fr
256-5082 k9.9 kGrowth/Feature summary/ja
32622 k22 k21 kAccessibility guide for developers/ru
63691301.5 k12 kHow to contribute/th
15016.8 k10 k6.6 kGrowth/Focus on help desk/Help panel/ro
7115305607.7 kDesign
615-3673.4 k8.4 kReading/Web/Chores
6132.4 k3.1 k9.2 kWikipedia for KaiOS
14420 k23 k20 kAccessibility guide for developers/pt-br
5203.9 k3.9 k6.1 kGrowth/Newsletters/17
23414 k16 k13 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/he
241-1.5 k2.3 k24 kWikimedia Apps/Android FAQ/sv
4331.9 k2.7 k27 kGrowth/ru
6111.4 k1.5 k28 kGrowth
2368 k8.3 k7.8 kGrowth/Newsletters/17/uk
14022 k23 k22 kAccessibility guide for developers/ar
32515 k15 k15 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/uk
22411 k12 k11 kContent translation/ug
1491.9 k3.6 k15 kContent translation/te
150-2.2 k2.2 k9.7 kWikimedia Apps/Suggested edits/fi
5142.5 k3 k18 kNew Developers
593.5 k3.8 k37 kContent translation/Section translation
149-1.8 k2.1 k12 kDownload from Git/it
1368.7 k12 k8.5 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features/ko
335-1816.8 k25 kGrowth/ja
3271.2 k9.1 k31 kGrowth/bn
1359.6 k9.9 k9.3 kGrowth/Communities/How to introduce yourself as a mentor/te
234-5 k5.2 k17 kORES/nl
22515 k15 k14 kDeveloper Advocacy/bn
1395.5 k8.5 k5.4 kGrowth/Results/tr
4621.4 k88 k27 kTalk pages project/New discussion
148-2 k2 k14 kGerrit/Privilege policy/tr
2402.3 k3.1 k7.1 kNew Developers/Communication tips/ar
3580 k78 k85 kLua/Tutorial
31417 k16 k46 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image
2315.6 k7.8 k5.5 kGrowth/Newsletters/17/cs
2454402.5 k13 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/ar
6321606767.6 k"Keep me logged in" extended to one year/hi
31221 k22 k21 kAccessibility guide for developers/es
4243.8 k4 k6.8 kHumaniki/FAQ
2264.4 k4.9 k4.3 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Participate/bn
410116 k17 k48 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image/vi
1317.5 k10 k7.3 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features/Search/ko
2262.2 k3.7 k2.1 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/it
673737933 kGit/Reviewers
3131-8.5 k9 k55 kSites using MediaWiki/en
3275105.9 k24 kGrowth/hu
1336 k8 k5.8 kGrowth/Newsletters/16/tr
21726 k27 k25 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Updates/ko
13713.4 k3.9 k3.3 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/sr
3247965.9 k26 kGrowth/ar
3171115 k14 k101 kAnalytics/Server Admin Log
5612571.8 k59 kTalk pages project/Replying
5253-2884.1 k8.2 kCommunication/km
1373.3 k3.7 k40 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Newcomer homepage/bn
224-1.8 k1.9 k9.6 kCitoid/Enabling Citoid on your wiki/sv
5121-3196734.8 k"Keep me logged in" extended to one year/da
3219255.4 k27 kGrowth/fr
511308.7 k4.6 kWikimedia Security Team
491 k1.4 k5.7 kNew Developers/Communication tips
1248.7 k11 k8.5 kWikipedia for KaiOS/FAQ/ja
1304.8 k4.9 k4.7 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features/Collapsible sidebar/ko
419-48699053 kPhabricator/Help/fr
6827233013 kWikimedia Product/id
2286555.7 k24 kGrowth/tr
3144.6 k4.5 k17 kWikibase/Suite
21517 k16 k50 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image/ar
4611.1 k1.6 k8.4 kInuka team
1285.3 k5.3 k5.2 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/bn
2295.2 k5.4 k8.7 kSecurity/Guides/SQL Queries and 3rd Party Packages
1209.5 k11 k9.2 kPHP configuration/id
713909.4 k2.3 kVisual diffs
21212 k12 k11 kWikimedia Language engineering/Reports/2021/January
451 k102288 kDevelopers/Maintainers
1302.6 k3.3 k2.5 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/he
1283.6 k6.1 k3.5 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Repository/ko
134-817101712 kGerrit/Commit message guidelines/fr
219-1.3 k1.4 k22 kReading/Web/PDF Functionality/de
2162.2 k3.9 k2.1 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/sv
1245.4 k6.9 k5.3 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features/Header/ko
224-1.7 k1.6 k10 kBeta Features/Gallery/es
366.4 k6.3 k8.1 kStructured Data Across Wikimedia
27-3.6 k16 k62 kGrowth/Growth team updates/2020
2410 k12 k9.9 kGrowth/Growth team updates/2021
2231.9 k3.6 k16 kNew Developers/fr
4745146353 kGerrit/Tutorial
128-2.2 k2.5 k7.2 kVisualEditor/Diffs/fr
346.6 k6.7 k9.4 kReaders/Structured Data
314-1 k1.1 k8.9 kCode of Conduct/fr
1225.4 k5.6 k5.3 kOOUI/bn
3715959.6 k13 kCore Platform Team
1159.2 k11 k9 kMediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/id
1252.2 k3.7 k2.2 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/de
231-201.5 k13 kNew requirements for user signatures/Help/ja
2252721.5 k14 kNew requirements for user signatures/ar
2209835.4 k29 kGrowth/ko
2212.3 k3.2 k15 kNew Developers/de
3101.1 k1.4 k17 kTalk pages project
11310 k12 k10 kUploadWizard/es
2191.1 k5.4 k27 kGrowth/vi
5112205128 kHow to contribute/es
2191.1 k5.3 k25 kGrowth/de
2816 k17 k45 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image/cs
4142136858.3 kHow to contribute/fr
372.9 k2.9 k9.3 kTalk pages project/Notifications
4933319716 k2017 wikitext editor
2172 k3.7 k1.9 kReading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing/pl
5821301.4 k9.4 kHow to contribute/su
2191.1 k5.2 k26 kGrowth/cs
129-1.4 k1.4 k3.9 k"Keep me logged in" extended to one year/ca
441171172.7 kEMWCon Spring 2021
2716 k17 k62 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/Add an image/bn
2420 k19 k19 kTalk pages project/ru
4512523083.5 kOutreachy/Round 21/Bi-weekly Reports
3131.3 k2.1 k24 kGrowth/sv
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