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6 February 2021

17215 k19 k14 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Newcomer tasks/Experiment analysis, Novembe…
1336 k8 k5.8 kGrowth/Newsletters/16/tr
123-96196114 kGerrit/Privilege policy/tr
120-1 k101194 kGlobal templates/Proposed specification/pt-br
122-1 k101811 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/eu
125-79499015 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/hy
211552.9 k5.3 kWikitext/ja
122-93693611 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/ko
110-3013331.6 kCategory:Help/de
125.3 k5.2 k9.1 kWikimedia Performance Team/Active-active MediaWiki
111-1501844.9 k"Keep me logged in" extended to one year/he
2203.7 k9.7 kHow to contribute/fa
17-7157153.9 kWikimedia Apps/pt-br
132.3 k2.5 k2.2 kGrowth/Newsletters/17/tr
17-30630641 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Newcomer tasks/tr
17-24236074 kGlobal templates/Proposed specification/tr
16-19019020 kGlobal templates/Alternative solutions/tr
13-78388520 kRequests for comment/Multi datacenter strategy for MediaWiki/Progress
13327327327Category:Extensions by Miraheze/bn
13-1521522.9 kMiraheze/de
13-11611626 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Structured tasks/tr
23-121716 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/ja
13-2202203.3 kOOUI/ja
14-12022083 kGlobal templates/Proposed specification/fr
12-10310310 kStructured Discussions/de
13-84848.4 kGrowth/Feature summary/tr
1236936956 kSites using MediaWiki/en
122872875.3 kWikitext
12-10610623 kGrowth/tr
12-727227 kGlobal templates/Relationship to strategy/tr
11551551551Category:Audio player extensions/he
12-314916 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/fa
12-113110 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/tr
1291112 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/vi
12838383Wikimedia Performance Team/Active-active MediaWiki/Progress
111.7 k1.6 k6.1 kWikitext/cs
111.7 k1.6 k6.4 kWikitext/fr
111.7 k1.6 k5.9 kWikitext/tr
11757575Category:TranslateSupportedLanguages extensions/de
11626262Category:LanguageGetTranslatedLanguageNames extensions/de
11626262Category:SkinTemplateNavigation::SpecialPage extensions/de
11535353Category:SpecialSearchProfileForm extensions/de
11545454Category:ArticlePrepareTextForEdit extensions/de
11505050Category:AbortEmailNotification extensions/de
11515151Category:SpecialSearchSetupEngine extensions/de
11505050Category:SpecialSearchProfiles extensions/de
11525252Category:SpecialRecentChangesPanel extensions/de
11484848Category:ArticleContentOnDiff extensions/de
11474747Category:PageContentLanguage extensions/de WikiProjects/de
11454545Category:TitleIsAlwaysKnown extensions/de
112542546.8 kFundraising tech
111.3 k1.3 k6.3 kWikitext/ca
12114168.6 kWriting systems
111031033.4 kOutreachy/Round 21/Bi-weekly Reports
11747474Requests for comment/Master-slave datacenter strategy for MediaWiki
11737373Requests for comment/Master-slave datacenter strategy for MediaWiki/Progr…
11-626224 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Welcome survey/uk
11-535321 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Welcome survey/tr
11-505022 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Welcome survey/it
11-45452 kCategory:Help/he
11-404016 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/sr
11-404012 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/hu
11-121221 kGrowth/Personalized first day/Welcome survey/cs
11-121210 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/it
11101023 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/bn
11101017 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/uk
11101010 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/cs
1110109.2 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/sv
1110109.7 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/pt-br
1110109.6 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/pt
11101010 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/pl
11101012 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/he
11101011 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/fr
11-111116 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker
11101010 kGrowth/Communities/How to interact with newcomers/id
11-884.3 kReference Tooltips/fr
118738735.7 kWikitext/es
11-333.3 kGrowth/Newsletters/15/tr
110010 kRequests for comment/Multi datacenter strategy for MediaWiki
114474475.4 kWikitext/ckb
114474475.2 kWikitext/fi
114474475.3 kWikitext/pl
114474475.2 kWikitext/pt
114474475.4 kWikitext/pt-br
114474475.7 kWikitext/ru
114474475.4 kWikitext/sd
114474475.8 kWikitext/si
114474475.4 kWikitext/th
114474475.6 kWikitext/tl
114474475.6 kWikitext/gl
114474475.4 kWikitext/uk
114474475.5 kWikitext/zh
114474476 kWikitext/bn
114474475.5 kWikitext/lt
114474475.5 kWikitext/nl
114474475.4 kWikitext/de
114474475.8 kWikitext/el
1110810818 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/vi
1110810815 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/ko
1110810826 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/th
1110810817 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/ru
1110810813 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/pt-br
1110810812 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/zh
1110810814 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/pt
1110810814 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/fr
1110810814 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/de
1110810819 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/el
1110810813 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/tr
1110810812 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/id
1110810815 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/es
11282818 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/bg
11151518 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/bn
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/pl
11-1112 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/en
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/nl
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/cs
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/ia
11-1117 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/it
11-114 kWikitext/en
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/sv
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/uk
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/da
11-1118 kHow to become a MediaWiki hacker/ro
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