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176111801803.5 kWikimedia Hackathon 2017
53221881886.6 kWikimedia Technology/Goals/2017-18 Q1
26223793797.3 kWikimedia Hackathon 2017/Prehackathon Prague
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16800ResourceLoader/Migration guide (users)
16500Localization checks
16400Category:New contributors
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1717832844832Wikimedia Services/2017-18 Q1 Goals
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118258253.1 kMultimedia/Standup notes/2017/May
17112.6 k2.5 k40 kWikimedia Hackathon 2017/Mentoring Program
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8211-40406.2 kHow to contribute/hu
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351117717746 kParsoid/Language conversion/Preprocessor fixups/20170501
102210101.5 kMedia Projects
1515841201.3 kWikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201718Q1
31143033039.4 kGoogle Summer of Code 2017
16113273279.4 kParsoid/Deployments
17221025.2 kClean up Parsoid round-trip testing UI
3611778 kParsoid/Language conversion/Preprocessor fixups
20111891894.9 kOOjs UI/Fixing scripts and gadgets
10112992995.5 kWikimedia Hackathon 2017/Wikidata documentation sprint
81115158.6 kWikimedia Research/Collaborators
10112652654.4 kMediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Fantastic MediaWikis Program
321114514544 kWikibase/API
1611-773 kWikimedia Release Engineering Team
41117172.7 kAnalytics/Wikimetrics
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1211-101035 kFlow/Use cases
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